About RisqueBoutique.com


Posted on 24 August 2011

Last Updated 13 July 2015

RisqueBoutique.com is a famous online Adult shop located in Sydney, Australia.

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed!

- 10 years experience in the industry.
- FAST shipping : we do our best to ship your orders ASAP, usually within 1-3 days.
if we are experiencing some unusual delay, we will ship your order through EXPRESS Post
without any additional cost.
- Great communication and dedicated customer service.
- DISCREET professional packing guaranteed.
- SECURE PAYMENT through Commonwealth Bank payment gateway, more details here

You're welcome to call us at any time 1800 30 45 95 (Monday-Friday 10.00 am - 08.00 pm)
for any specific enquiry or phone orders

If you are still not 100 % convinced, please find more details in our CUSTOMERS TESTIMONIALS section here.