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Published on July 12th, 2014 | by Charlie


3 sex toys that are either innovative or insane

Brilliant or over the top? You decide!

Anyone who follows sex toy industry news knows that every year hundreds of new products are developed. They all strive to be the next big thing and imitate the success of something like the Rampant Rabbit, but many fall short. Technology has reached the point where toy makers are only limited by their (sometimes over-active) imagination.

Here are three news-making toys from the first half of 2014 that walk the fine line between brilliant and over the top.

For him: The Fleshlight LaunchPAD

Designed to take POV porn to the next level, the LaunchPAD is an iPad case and Fleshlight holder in one. By strapping your favourite Fleshlight to the back of the iPad you can take your sexual fantasies to the next level.

For her: The Svakom Gaga Intimate Camera

An intelligent vibrator with a built in camera? It might sound like the ultimate Snap Chat accessory until you realize just where the camera is located. Marketed as part pleasure device and part at-home-gynaecological tool we’re not exactly sure what the designer was thinking with this one.

For couples: Kiiroo Teledildonics Kit

A long distance relationship can be challenging for a number of reasons. The lack of physical intimacy leaves many LD couples frustrated, but this kit aims to solve that problem. By connecting a male masturbator and a vibrator via the internet, couples can maintain physical intimacy over long distances.

So what do you think? Are these toys a flash in the pan, the next big thing, or too out there for their own good? Why not let us know in the comments!

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  1. Steven says:

    I know what I’m going to ask for Christmas…a new IPAD!!!

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