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Published on October 7th, 2011 | by Charlie


5 Biggest Sex Myths

We all know how rumours and myths start. Whether it’s at the back of the school bus or in the office toilets there are some things that we can get in our heads that are simply not true. One thing people love to talk about, is sex. So it stands to reason that there are plenty of people out there spreading false information about some pretty important stuff. From addictions to vibrators to the importance of penis size we unravel some of the most common myths associated with sex:

You shouldn’t need lubricant if you’re aroused

Many people make the mistake of thinking, my partner isn’t very wet, she mustn’t be aroused. This is simply not true. Many people simply need more lubricant than their body provides. Things like pregnancy, menopause, medications and your menstrual cycle can all have an impact on how much lubricant your body produces regardless of how much water you drink. In fact, if you are using condoms, even if you are well lubricated you will need to use more because latex doesn’t slide well.

All women can organism from vaginal penetration

This is one of the biggest myths around. In fact, only 20-30% of women can experience an organism from vaginal penetration alone. This is why it is so important for guys to master the art of touching and caressing their partner, to help get them aroused and to help them orgasm. If a women wants to add some sex toys or vibrating items to your bedroom repertoire don’t be upset. It’s completely normal for women to be unable to orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

A larger package does not mean better sex

While many people think the bigger the package the better the sex, this simply isn’t true. Many sexperts in fact claim that many more women complain about their partner being too big rather than too small. They also say, it’s more in the way a man uses what he has, his foreplay techniques and how sexy he can make his lady love feel.

Women can become addicted to their sex toys

Some people think that if you use vibrators and sex toys frequently to orgasm, you won’t be able to climax when you have sex with your partner without one. This is simply not true. While vibrators can make you orgasm faster, they don’t make you loose sensitivity to touch.

If a man doesn’t ejaculate inside, the woman can’t get pregnant

Many people think that if their partner withdraws before he ejaculates, there is no risk of getting pregnant. In fact, men produce a liquid known as “pre-ejaculate.” This liquid has sperm and can be released at any time during sex, without him even knowing. So you can get pregnant, even if your partner pulls out before ejaculation.

There are a few myths that people take as gospel when it comes to sex. But the fact is, some of these ideas are completely untrue. I hope our list has busted a few myths for you that will lead to more informed and more enjoyable love making sessions with your partner.

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