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Published on April 28th, 2011 | by Charlie


5 Senses to Sexy…How To Stimulate All the Senses During Sex

Sex, by nature, is a sensory pleasure. By stimulating our sense of touch we can reach dizzying heights of pleasure, which is why we keep coming back! The thing is, we humans have four extra senses that, (apart from sight) are rarely utilised during a sex session. If you’re looking for ways to heighten the excitement of sex, why not consider involving all 5 of your senses for a truly mind-blowing experience? From sex toys to music, we’ve got a run-down of five-sense sex for you to try out at home!


Sexy lingerie, costumes and eye contact are where it’s at when it comes to stimulating the sense of sight. If you usually have sex with the lights off, try sex in the mid-afternoon or with all the lights on. Making eye-contact is another intense way to jolt your senses awake, especially while one of you is performing oral sex on the other. The look of pleasure that passes between lovers can be like a bolt of electricity.


There are certain smells that can really turn us on and relax us. Rose, vanilla and ginger are all scents that are said to be able to increase romance and spice up sexual encounters, so try burning some aromatherapy oil in one of those flavours. Alternatively, you could take your party to the bathtub and sprinkle a few drops of aromatherapy oil in the hot water.


Anyone who denies that sounds can be sexy has obviously never thought about the effect it has on them when they hear their partner moaning in ecstasy. This is one of the sexiest sounds you can hear during sex, but if your partner is not a particularly vocal type, then why not put some sexy background music on as a soundtrack to your fun?


Well, this one is fairly simple, as it’s impossible to have good sex without touching each other, but if you’re looking for more ways to engage the sense of touch, why not incorporate feathers, hot wax or ice cubes in your sexual escapades? Changes in temperature, sensation or intensity of touch can heighten our receptivity to pleasure, so playing around with textures and temperatures is an excellent way to boost the fun of touching one another. Also, vibrators can really spice up that touch sensation, used all over the body they can leave you trembling with anticipation.


Food and sex have gone together for centuries. Both indulgent, decadent ways to excite the senses, when you combine the two new levels of pleasure can be reached. Tropical fruit, champagne and chocolate are all excellent side dishes that go perfectly with a serving of hot sex.

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