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Published on July 17th, 2011 | by Charlie


5 Ways to a Better Orgasm

Everyone loves an orgasm–from helping with stress and depression to helping us live longer, the orgasm is a wonderful and sacred thing that has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry. The thing is, however, that not all orgasms are created equal, and as great as they are, the good news is that they can get even greater! From sex toys to different positions, we’ve got five tips that’ll have you feeling very, very good about the big Ohhhh….

Sideways Surprise

That elusive g-spot can be pretty difficult to reach, but a nifty trick that works for a lot of women is lying on their side while being penetrated from behind, The angles just seem to work, not to mention that gravity does a lot of work that makes it better for him as well…

The Bathtub Orgasm

If you want a particularly intense self-administered orgasm, try this little trick: position yourself in the bathroom with the tap directed at your business end. Now, some baths facilitate this more easily than others, but once you get your positioning right you can adjust the water-pressure, the heat and your position to give yourself an orgasm you’re unlikely to ever forget. Let’s just say that you’ll be taking a lot more baths after you’ve tried!

The Teaser

Have you ever noticed that waiting for something makes it seem all the more incredible when it finally arrives? It’s as true for orgasms as it is for the chocolate cupcake you meant to bring for lunch that you know is waiting for you when you get back. Whether you’re going it alone or with a partner, holding off on climaxing is sure to make the main event even more spectacular.

The Push-Through Orgasm

One of the many wonderful things about being a woman is that it is possible for us to experience multiple orgasms with little to no recovery time in-between. While not all women are able to achieve multiple orgasms, give yourself a fighting chance by pushing through the first orgasm and seeing what happens. We often stop all too quickly as soon as we orgasm, but a little perseverance (or strict instructions to your partner to keep going!) could see you riding the waves of multiple orgasms. Give it a try!

The Two-In-One Deal

OK, so most women can have a clitoral orgasm, and a fair few can have a vaginal one, but, if our basic maths serves us well–one plus one equals a whole lotta orgasm. During penetration, clitoral stimulation brings on an even more intense orgasm, and can help women who are unable to have vaginal orgasms connect with the pleasure centres inside, as well as outside. Highly recommended, and such a simple trick! When you’re going solo, remember there are a range of vibrators that make the two-for-one deal very easy!

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