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Published on June 9th, 2011 | by Charlie


Absence Makes the Sex Get Hotter….Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

If you’ve ever been in the position of being apart from your partner or lover for a prolonged period, you’ll know that while you miss the closeness and the intimacy and the conversation they provide, one of the main issues you have to deal with is good old-fashioned horniness. Not having your partner with you can highlight just how much you enjoy having them close. Really close. If you’re going to be spending some time apart from your sexual other half, or are looking for ways to spice up a long-distance relationship, this is the post for you. From strategic use of sex toys to how to come on the phone, we’ve got 4 long-distance libido-quenching tricks to keep frustration at bay.

1. Phone Sex

An oldie but a goodie, phone sex is a great way to experience sexual pleasure with your lover without having them even touch you. While a lot of couples find phone sex strange and awkward, enough time without the one you’re lusting after will drive you to try anything, and with a glass of wine in hand, some sex music to get you in the mood and a healthy dose of self-love, phone sex can actually be very hot. The key is to get turned on before you make the call, so you don’t feel as awkward initiating it. The wonderful world of the Internet means that Skype or iChat now count in the phone sex stakes, so you can have an added visual thrill.

2. Sexting

Send dirty photos, and lots of them. while it may seem that these can actually build sexual frustration rather than end it, a sexy posed photo can provide all the fuel you need for one very hot fantasy. It’s a way of sharing your body with a partner when he or she can’t be there to experience it.

3. Shared Fantasies

One of the best ways to feel close to your partner is to revisit an experience you’ve shared. Whether it is a particularly fond memory of a wild night of passion or a fantasy you’re both hoping to fulfil with each other, focusing on that fantasy while you’re apart (and while you’re relieving some tension) is a great way to stay connected.

4. Masturbate. A lot.

There’s no two ways about it–keeping the sexual frustration at bay when you’re waiting to see a lover again is best achieved by healthy and regular masturbation. Dust off that vibrator, settle in for a quiet night and unleash all of that tension. It’s good for your health.

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