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Alternatives to Sex While Pregnant

Pregnant women often report that their libido goes into overdrive when expecting. For women with high-risk pregnancies, or women in the first and last trimesters of pregnancy, there are pleasurable alternatives to having sex.

One such alternative is mutual masturbation that incorporates sex toys. This is a good way of maintaining intimacy when penetrative vaginal sex is not an option.

Go Down on Her

Oral sex is an obvious and indeed excellent alternative to vaginal sex. Many women find long, languid, passionate oral sessions to be incredibly erotic and intimate.


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A good way to improve her orgasm is to insert a butt plug before you go down on her. The butt plug pushes the vaginal wall up. This narrows the vaginal canal, intensifying her orgasmic pleasure. When going down on her, don’t blow into her vagina! Forcing air into a woman’s vagina can lead to an air embolism. While a rare complication, it can risk the health of the unborn child.

Pleasure Him with a Fleshlight

While a Fleshlight is essentially a good substitute for a real vagina, as a pregnant woman, you shouldn’t feel that your partner is replacing you. Instead, incorporate the Fleshlight into your sex play. Lube up his cock with an intimate blowjob and then use the Fleshlight on him.

In the later stages of pregnancy when the size of your tummy prevents you from getting close together, set yourselves up on opposite sides of the bed and watch each other masturbate. As he works his penis with the Fleshlight, talk dirty to him.

Break Out the Sex Toys

So long as your doctor hasn’t banned penetrative sex, there is no reason why you as a pregnant woman can’t pleasure yourself using your favourite vibrator or dildos. As with the Fleshlight, having your partner use the sex toy on you can make this a very inclusive and intimate activity.


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When you are pregnant your body undergoes changes and that means that a familiar toy may feel different to you now. A vibrator is a lot harder than a flesh and blood penis, so if the heightened sensations that comes with pregnancy means that your toy now causes discomfort, use it to stimulate the exterior of your vagina.

Touch Each Other

Another erotic alternative to sex during pregnancy is sensual massage. Plan for a night of just touching by picking up a bottle of massage oil, preferably one that also works as lube. Choose massage oils carefully. Pregnant women often report a heightened sense of smell when expecting, and so strong smelling oils could kill the mood.


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Expectant dads: use sensual massage to celebrate your partner’s pregnant body. Go gently when caressing her breasts as they will be extra sensitive. Ladies: pay attention to a man’s penis, nibble his nipples, and if he’s into it, caress his perineum and probe his anus.


Pregnancy does not mean that sexual intimacy has to go out the window. While penetrative sex may not be on the cards, there are a variety of alternatives to investigate. Explore each others bodies with sensual massage and use your favourite sex toys to bring each other together sexually.


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  1. Sean says:

    I think a lot of couples worry about harming the mother and baby during sex so these suggestions are very helpful.

  2. James says:

    Interesting article,
    it reminds me a bit of a bad time with my wife 8 years ago,
    if I had to add an advice, I would recommend to take extra care in the last few weeks as she was very sensitive during that period, good luck to all!

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