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Do Kegel Exercises really work for women?

Dr. Arnold Kegel invented “kegel” exercises, a simple way to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. They made him famous but what made kegel exercises famous was the HBO show Sex and the City!

The flamboyant and fearless character Samantha is known for her unabashed love of sex.
She’s not ashamed to have sex often and she likes to have really great sex.
As most know, having sex often can lead to one becoming “loose down there.”
Samantha likes to impress her sexual partners by keeping her ship running tight and the way she does that is with kegel exercises.

Improving your sex life is just one reason to regularly do your kegels. Other problems kegels can help with are: urinary incontinence, childbirth, vaginal prolapse and even premature ejaculation in men. Strengthening these muscles can even help you hold it in when you’ve really got to go to the bathroom but have to wait instead!

It may sound odd to someone who’s hearing it for the first time, but exercises to tighten your vaginal muscles really do work. The technique was invented by a doctor and it’s not at all complicated.
You can do it yourself with no help at all simply by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and focusing on squeezing your vagina by pretending you’re controlling urination.

A much easier way to do kegels is to use sex toys or devices to help.
That way, you have to focus less because you have an aid to direct your efforts towards.

These devices are called smart balls, orgasmic pleasure balls or ben wa balls.
What’s so brilliant about these orgasmic balls is that not only are you improving your vaginal muscles, your exercise routine can lead you all the way to orgasm. How’s that for a satisfying work out?

Some balls are metallic, a sensation of cold that some find thrilling and enjoyable.
The duo balls then adapt to your body heat as you squeeze away.
Some come attached with cords for easy removal. Just remember to wash gently with soap and water before each use.

If you’re curious about the mechanics of using them, it’s very easy.
Insert balls, go about living your life. No one will ever know what you’re up to.
That itself can be thrilling. You can be exercising while walking or sitting at your desk.
If you want a more intense, private experience with a happy ending, play tug of war with them – pulling on the cord while trying to keep it in.
Have fun!

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