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Published on August 21st, 2011 | by Charlie


How to choose a penis pump and the benefits of it

Penis pumps are quite useful for men who would like to enhance their penises.

It has many useful functions such as: helping men get (and keep) erections, alleviates possible pains, slightly improves curvature, and in some cases, even significantly lengthen the size of the penis.

There are two main kinds of penis pumps: manual or motorized. Either way, both methods produce pretty much the same results.

A penis pump will have a cylinder that houses the penis, then a device to suck out the air and create a vacuum inside that cylinder. By creating this vacuum, blood is drawn to the penis, resulting in an erection. This erection can be prolonged by inserting a cock ring (a flexible compression ring) on to the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing away, thus keeping the erection even in the presence of nervous damage. These rings are only advisable to be worn at a maximum of 30 minutes, because any longer may result to long term vascular damage.

Manual penis pumps allow for more control of the user, because that one allow you to control the absence of air inside the cylinder.The pumping has to be carefully monitored to avoid overuse, which may lead to discomfort for the user. What’s good about this method of pumping is that you have complete control of how much suction you apply and how long you keep it for. When used with cock rings, the manual pump is able to give you an erection without the need to take pills.

The other method is the motorization of the pump, wherein there is an energy-powered vacuum that sucks the air out of the cylinder. Although this method proves to be faster, you have to make sure to read the instruction manual very carefully to avoid any possible injury. Just because it’s fast, doesn’t mean you have to crank it up to full power.

You have to always be aware of how much your penis is getting pumped, to come up with the best possible results without endangering your own penis at the same time.

Even though penis pumps are quite useful in lengthening your size without having to undergo any surgery, you must always note that these things handle a very sensitive part of your body, so they should be used with utmost care. Failure to do so may result to severe damage, or even blisters on your penis, so just make sure to be sure of everything before you start.

Whatever your choice is, manual or motorized penis pumps, we’re sure that this is a great solution for people who don’t like popping pills or undergoing surgery. There are even pumps that come with a masturbator, so you can derive pleasure from it as well.

Some users also prefer to use lube for the cylinder to avoid getting stuck once they achieve an erection. Whatever you decide, just make sure to always use lots of lube and make sure to follow all the instructions at all times.

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