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Published on September 24th, 2014 | by Charlie


Butt plug materials: Is one better than the other?

Too many butt plugs, too little time!

If you’ve ever tried shopping for a butt plug you’ve no doubt noticed they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. For first time shoppers this can lead to confusion, so let us break it down for you.

Classic anal plugs are usually made from rubber or PVC. This type of butt plug feels very firm but will have a tiny bit of flex making them easy to insert. Rubber and PVC are also easy to clean as they can be boiled between uses to completely sterilize them.


Silicone butt plugs are also common and have a completely different feel. They are softer and bend easily making them comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The down side is that many anal lubes are silicone based and we all know that silicone lube shouldn’t be used with a silicone toy. These types of plugs should only be used with water based lubes.


A glass butt plug are usually a bit more expensive but owners will tell you they’re well worth the cost. Compatible with all types of lube and very easy to clean, the trade off is that they offer very little flexibility. Of course many users prefer firmness vs flex.


The final type we’ll talk about are stainless steel and aluminium butt plugs. Many value this type of butt plug for it’s hardcore appearance and ease of use. Like glass these plugs let you use any lube and are very easy to clean. The question of whether to go metal or glass comes down to personal opinion.


As you can see there are many different materials each with their own pros and cons. We haven’t even touched on different shapes and sizes, but if you have any questions or comments be sure to let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect plug!


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