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Published on December 5th, 2015 | by Charlie


Connected Sex Toy Trends in 2015

Which connected sex toy will come next?

High tech wearables were probably the biggest thing in 2015. From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit it seems like wearables have gone from being a fad to being a full on trend. It’s not hard to imagine that in a couple of years everyone from grandparents to grandchildren will be wearing at least one piece of technology on their body everyday. This leaves us wondering if there will be a connected sex toy that will do for the adult industry what the Apple Watch has done for smartwatches.

Toys that improve performance

This first type of connected sex toy is basically a Fitbit that measures sexual performance. While most sports bands are all about counting steps and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, the Lovely is a crowd-funded toy that monitors sex performance. Everything from thrusting power to duration so that it can recommend positions to try next time to maximize performance. Of course it also vibrates and counts calories, because everything vibrates and counts calories these days.


Smart toys that can be controlled over the internet

In a modern connected society, more and more people are meeting the man or woman of their dreams online. It’s great that people are able to find that special someone more easily, but the problems quickly become more practical. If your soulmate is on the other side of the planet, you might have to limit your physical contact to a few times each year. The Onyx + Pearl connected sex toy lets long distance lovers get more intimate by syncing the movement of the male and female components. Each time he thrusts her vibrator reacts. Combined with video chat this is one way to keep each other satisfied until the next time they meet up.


Totally custom sex toys

While this isn’t exactly a connected sex toy it’s still all about technology and the internet. Some people have very specific needs or fantasies, and no matter how much shopping around they do they can never find just the right toy to satisfy them. In the future it will be possible to design your ideal toy online and then order a 3D printed version of it right to your door. Another option will be finding a template and then downloading it for 3D printing at home so there is no waiting for shipping.


It’s clear that there are big changes happening in the connected sex toy market and the next few years will be very exciting indeed. Do you think we’ve nailed the next big trends or is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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