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Published on June 20th, 2015 | by Charlie


Does size matter? What women and men think!

Men always worry about their size, but does size matter?

Researches at UCLA and Cal State LA asked 26,437 women ages 18-65 one simple question: does size matter? The answers may surprise you!

Do women care as much as men?


The first interesting finding is that men actually care way more about their penis size than women do. While both men and women rated “average” the same way, twice as many men rated themselves “small” vs. woman. Women were also more likely to refer to their partners penis as “large”. The takeaway here is that even if he isn’t satisfied with his penis, she probably is.

Does size matter to women?


84% of the women surveyed were satisfied with their man’s penis size. That’s 7 out of 8 women for those who think 84% sounds low. Of the remaining women, 2% of women actually wished their man had a smaller penis. So if you’re a guy and worried that you might not stack up chances are you’re worried about nothing.

Do men care more about size than women?


Just to be clear, we’re not talking about gay men here – the survey only asked women “does size matter”. The question is about if men feel better about themselves if they have a larger penis. The interesting thing about that is that attitudes towards penis size have changed over the years. Think about ancient Greek statues where smaller equals better. The preference for a big penis is a relatively recent thing. If men feel like they don’t measure up, they’d get a big ego boost if they focused on their partner’s satisfaction vs. how they compare to porn actors.

Does “big” mean the same thing to men as it does to women?


Perhaps the most interesting part of the study is what “big” really means. For example, 12% of men classified themselves as “small”, but only 6% of women labelled their man “small”. The big takeaway is that men are twice as likely to label themselves inadequate then women. Likewise 22% of men labelled themselves as “large” while 27% of women used the “large” label. The difference isn’t as big as the “small” label, but it’s clear that 5% of men are cheating themselves out of the “large” label.

So really: does size matter?!

Short answer: no. The vast majority of women are more than happy with their partners penis size. Even if a guy is on the smaller side, chances are he cares more about it than his partner does.

So what do you think? Does size matter? Let us know with a comment or by answering our 1 question survey on the side bar!

If you’d like to read more about the study, click here.

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