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Published on June 21st, 2010 | by Charlie


Dolphins, butterflies, rabbits, eggs and bullets: toy names and their meanings

Is your dolphin a rabbit? Perhaps you have a remote control butterfly? Confused? Don’t be! Dolphins, butterflies, rabbits, eggs and bullets are all different sex toy names. But what do all those sex toy names mean? Are they some kind of code? Well, yes. The adult toy industry has its very own lingo when it comes to types of toys. Knowing these terms and what they mean will help you out when looking for your next toy. Here’s a list of popular sex toys name meanings:

    • Dolphins. True to their name, Dolphins are usually blue. They have a typically straight shaft with a curved end resembling the body of a bottle-nose dolphin, hence the name. Dolphins will often be high-tech devices, containing vibrators and even rotating beads. Dolphins are often combined with rabbits for maximum pleasure coverage.

  • Butterflies. Many women prefer butterflies due to one amazing feature: hands free. Butterfly vibrators stimulate the clitoris and have ‘wings’ and antennas which can be attached to the thigh or abdomen, leaving the hands free to focus on other things. Butterfly vibrators are discreet and can be operated remotely. The endless possibilities this creates for public, hidden foreplay are too good to pass up.
  • Rabbits. Clitoral stimulation is the name of this rabbit’s game. A rabbit vibrator consists of two parts. The main body of the vibrator is for vaginal insertion. Stemming from the base is also an extension, the rabbit, which stimulates the clitoris. The rabbit is called so because it often resembles a rabbit – the two ‘ears’ of the rabbit rest either side of the clitoris. The vibrating motor is often housed in the base, carrying vibrations all through the toy creating equal stimulation for both clitoris and vagina.
  • Eggs. Eggs are small and (funnily enough) egg-shaped vibrators. They can be either used on the clitoris or inserted into the vagina, as they will come with a small cord for easy extraction. Eggs will often come with remote controls, similar to butterflies, allowing endless public naughtiness by yourself or with a partner.
  • Bullets. A bullet can come with you to the office or on a night out in town. Bullets are small vibrators designed for public pleasure. Often disguised as another item – lipstick is a popular one – these little friends can be inserted and left in all day if you like. Able to be controlled remotely, you could be searching through your handbag, give the remote a tiny push and jolt yourself out of a bad mood immediately.

Like meeting a new bunch of people, all it takes is getting to know their names and soon you might be the best of friends. Each style of vibrator has a focal point, so make sure you know what you want out of your adult toy. Talk to a friendly shop assistant at your local adult toy boutique about your preferences.

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