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Entertainment in Australia: The Secret Sex Lives of Australian Men and Women

It would appear that there are an innumerable amount of male and female Australians who are developing a preference for spicier adult entertainment.  Statistically speaking, this rate has been increasing through the years, with substantial amounts of middle aged Australians preferring to view shows that illustrate hot, sexual activity between good looking male and female partners.  Now some do claim that much of this stems from the fact that Aussie’s are far more open to explicit thoughts and sharing new sexual ideas with one another; more so than anywhere else in the world.  An example of these more mature preferences are seen in an Australian television series which first premiered in 2007 known as, ‘Satisfaction’.

This isn’t a series just focused on adult sexual interactions, but has well rounded characters, an excellent story line, and fascinating artistic development.  While it focuses on a brothel and the working women within it, it is far more than just sex.  With a show such as this, the number of Australians that find it socially acceptable to be on public television far outweigh the number of Americans that would watch a series like this; or who would find it suitable for teenagers to view. While Australians view learning about sex, and human sexuality at an early age as healthy; most Americans view it as obscene and bordering on parental neglect with regard to allowing young teens to view sexually explicit material.

This is simply a cultural clash, and what one culture finds perfectly acceptable, of course another culture might not.  If there were to be a comparison to the American culture versus the Aussie culture, there isn’t that much of a difference when it comes to a television series that is highly popular and also full of sexual innuendos, or full blown graphic sex scenes in particular.  A good example here would be the American series, ‘Spartacus,’ which is full of vulgarity and nudity, along with extreme sexual activity.  If one wanted to choose a culture that could come close to the Aussie experience it would have to be the American culture.  However, Australians have taken this explicitness one step further with a show such as, ‘The Secret Sex Lives of Australian Men and Women’.

The Desire for Sexual Entertainment tied in with Aussie Sexual Activity and Number of Partners?

Now, here are some statistics that are truly surprising.  First, let it just be understood that for the longest time most people (and this is all over the globe) assumed that men were more involved in watching sexually explicit shows, reading pornographic material, and visiting sexual play houses far more than any female from any culture would.  Now, this literature would like to share with the audience a true eye opener.  The following bullet points clearly illustrate Australian women as the primary fan of Adult entertainment, not Australian men.  It is also presumed that these estimated figures are pretty much accurate for females across cultures.  Why?  Because the majority of women think alike, unlike men who have a totally different view on female sexuality.  Well, they do to a degree anyway…

  1. One in every four Australian women view pornography on a regular basis.
  2. Believe it or not, 61% of women masturbate themselves to orgasm at least once per month, some more regularly.
  3. While the majority of women say they wouldn’t view pornography, a startling one in five have actually performed sexual acts in their own Adult video.
  4. More Australian women are looking for a committed partner, now more than ever before.
  5. One in three women have never experienced an orgasm, and even more complain of extremely boring sex lives.
  6. 49% of women actually want sex just as badly as their partner when it is offered, and the other 51% either decline or just go along with it.
  7. The majority of women want a man that knows what he is doing sexually
This definitely defines women on a whole new level.  More than likely men can really learn a thing or two from this piece of literature.  The main point is the fact that while women (from all cultures) might claim that they don’t want to watch more Adult like entertainment, or straight-up porno, they really do get something out of it when they aren’t being watched.  Literature that is more sexually explicit is bought more often by women than men, and there is a reason for all of this.  Women happen to be more sexually open than men, but they are also more closed mouthed when it comes to intimate conversation in the bedroom.  One Australian expert, Mrs. Joan Sauers says that, “women need to understand their voice is their most important sexual organ.”
While more Australians do watch quite a bit of adult entertainment (more women in general), and of course they also purchase more sexually explicit items, they also need to learn to communicate more with their partners.  In this respect, there is nothing spectacularly different from the Australian men and women and any other male or female in the world.  They still are the most open culture when it comes down to sexual activity however.  For example, with regard to the series “Secret Sex Lives of Australians,”  there are very real statistical numbers that have evolved from this show, illustrating that Australian women and men actually do behave in some of the ways they show demonstrates.
For instance, 40% of Australian women do use vibrators,  and 62% of women in their 50’s do want to have more sex than what they are currently having.  The show does have a gay side too, and this is not abhorred at all.  There are no obvious secrets in the sex lives of Australians, not like there are in the sexual lives of other cultures across the globe.  This could possibly be the reason that there are far more sexually healthy relationships in this culture than elsewhere too.  Australians definitely have intriguing sex lives, and they have a very intimate way of sharing these details in their culture.



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