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Published on July 31st, 2011 | by Charlie


How to Fantasise in Style

So, you’ve got the night to yourself, your collection of sex toys is just waiting for you to get involved, and you’ve decided to spend the evening in some excellent company…you own! Masturbating is a healthy, enjoyable way to relieve stress and get in touch with your body, and for females in particular, it is a chance to indulge your imagination and lose yourself in a fantasy. Men are typically more visual (this is not to say that men don’t have fantasies–they do) but women are usually far better at cultivating detailed situations in their minds for their own sexual pleasure. If you’ve not done much exploring in the rich fabric of your imagination, there’s no time like the present–and we’ve got three hot tips that’ll get you well on your way!

Tip #1: It’s Allowed to Be About Someone You Know!

In fact, it’s almost always better when it is! Fantasising about someone is not the same as cheating. In fact, it’s not even in the same ball park. As long as the fantasy doesn’t spill over into real life, you can have mind-sex with virtually anyone! Your boss, that guy that sits across from you on the bus, your partner’s best friend…(probably best to keep that on the low-down from your partner, however!) What makes a fantasy so great is that you can do things in your mind that you would never dream of doing in real life, and the best thing about it is that it is one hundred percent safe, and there’s no awkward morning-after! Win-win.

Tip #2: You Don’t Have to be You, Either…

So we get the fact that we can have sex with anyone in our fantasies, but what a lot of women forget is that they can have sex as anyone, too. Maybe you’re Cleopatra and you’ve got yourself a little slave boy. Maybe there’s a slave girl there, too. Maybe you’re a naughty secretary called into her boss’s office—hell, you can be dressed in a Big Bird outfit if you feel the need–it’s your fantasy, we won’t judge! Using fantasy to free yourself from your usual sexual limitations is not only incredibly rewarding in the present, but it can show you sides of your sexuality you may otherwise have been to shy to explore. Which, by the way, makes for great sex in real life.

Tip #3: The Kinkier, The Better.

Bondage, s&m, whips, leather, role play, vibrators and whipped cream…there’s no limit to the props and actions your mind can conjure up in the midst of a good fantasy. You’re limited only by your imagination, so approach it like you would writing a story. Think about the way it unfolds, what you’d want Mr Boy-Who-Makes-Your-Coffee-But-Tonight-Is-Dressed-As-A-Sailor to do to you and tease it out into a tantalising tale. A good fantasy doesn’t have to be one use only—the best ones become staples in our repertoires, like a favourite movie that we watch over and over again…

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