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Published on April 24th, 2012 | by Charlie


Why men should not always show initiative with women

It’s true that some women like men to be the dominant ones in bed – a little mild hair pulling, getting on top and thrusting her onto bed.
When Angelina Jolie dumped aging boyfriend Billy Bob, one of the things she said she looked for in a man was someone who was strong enough to get on top.
However, sometimes women like to be the ones in charge.
If your leading lady is in the mood to be the boss, let her take the lead.

If you’re a woman who’s in the mood to cuff her significant other onto the bed and drive him wild, here’s how to do it.
Whether you want to use handcuffs and blindfolds are up to you, but they do provide an extra level of dominance.
However, you can take initiative without them.
A penis ring is one such toy. It gently constricts blood circulation for a longer lasting erection – one without the use of pills.
If you get to work touching and kissing with one of these on, the action combined with his heightened sense of sensation will throw him over the moon.

Other men’s sex toys are masturbators or penis sleeves. Designed to look innocent and neutral, when placed over his penis, they create a sensation of penetration.
This sensation is achieved with the use of a snugly tight entrance and a realistic, skin-like inside, textured to be as realistic as possible. While using this on him, you can get creative elsewhere.

If you’re up for something a little more intense, you can also try a Fleshlight masturbator, – a stroker which is as realistic as possible.
Some are even designed using the mold of the labia of porn stars.
It’s like inviting someone over for a threesome without having to deal with another person’s feelings!

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