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Published on December 30th, 2011 | by Charlie


Flirting 101

Some people find that flirting comes naturally to them. They are able to move the conversation from puppy dogs to sex toys in record time with slick precision. Others however find it difficult and this is completely normal. Once you know a few of the basics, you’ll find that flirting is not only easy, but it will come naturally to you too, once you get started:

Ooze Confidence

One way to get yourself out there and in the mood to flirt is to ooze confidence. Think to yourself, it doesn’t matter what happens, I am confident in who I am. If he/she isn’t interested, it doesn’t matter. The best flirts are always those that seem like they don’t care and often could have anyone in the room they wanted. This is what attracts people to them. Take the time to dress in something that makes you feel good. It will make all the difference to how you feel and will give you an immediate confidence boost.

Be Approachable

If you’re frowning and facing the wall, people will naturally most likely avoid you. But if you face the crowd, smile and make eye contact, you will make people feel comfortable in talking to you. The first step to flirting.

Use Your Eyes and Your Smile

Your eyes and your smile are your two biggest flirting tools. Use your eyes to gaze at someone you find attractive without staring and making them feel uncomfortable. A coy smile accompanied by a long distance glance can be all the flirting that’s needed to get him/her walking over.


The club is crowded and you can barely hear what she’s saying. Gently touch her shoulder and lean in to whisper to her if she’d like to move to the lounges where it’s a little quieter and you can talk. Touch is a great tool to use when flirting. A slight brush of the leg, small of the back, arm or shoulder can get the senses racing and let the other person know you’re interested.

Your Body

When you are talking to someone, lean in to listen closer to what they have to say. Women generally will run their fingers through their hair or lean forwards when they like someone. Don’t fold your arms or legs, but keep your body open and receptive to the other person.

Keep It Light

The key to good flirting is to keep the conversation light and the overall vibe fun and not too serious. Don’t get in to in-depth conversations. Instead, give them a compliment, ask them to dance and talk about topics that you can both laugh about. People enjoy other people who can make them smile.

While some people may be able to take their conversations from book launches to vibrators in 5 minutes flat, the rest of us need a little guidance and support. Guaranteed, if you follow our basic tips, you will have mastered the ancient art of flirting, in no time.

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