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Published on August 8th, 2011 | by Charlie


Free yourself, customize your favourite rubber vagina.

Do you have a favorite porn star? Imagine pumping your penis into her, or at least doing it to the next best thing: a very convincing replica of her pussy. Let your imaginations run wild with our line of realistic rubber vaginas.


We provide rubber breasts and pussies that are made of high-quality UR3 material. These products are made with only your satisfaction in mind. They simulate the real thing, with textures and firmness just like human skin. Top-grade workmanship and attention to detail ensure that you are getting only the best, so that we can help you achieve the best orgasms of your life.


Have you always admired Jenna Jameson’s breasts? Have them always within reach by acquiring an exact mold of her perfect pair. Find yourself often fantasizing about Sasha Grey? Fulfill your ultimate fantasies by getting her artificial yet very erotic, deep penetration pussy and ass. Turn on the vibrating feature of her product, and ready yourself for the most intense orgasms.


If you’re more of a breasts man, then you will have a lot of fun with our extensive line of breast masturbators. Titty-fuck to your heart’s desire with our authentic pairs, molded from the breasts of your favorite porn stars. Experience a different kind of sensation by using the vibrating function of our artificial breasts.

For those on the go, we offer pocket masturbators. Don’t be fooled by their size though, because each product does not compromise efficacy for size. Each pocket pussy is designed to be portable, yet deliver the same caliber of performance as a bigger counterpart. We have flexible pocket pussies that come with both a vagina and ass, for those seeking more versatility.


For those seeking an even more realistic experience, we offer artificial vaginas attached to torsos that also have a pair of very convincing breasts. Master your technique by experimenting with different positions and holds to find your ultimate preference, and take advantage of the realism that this product provides.


Most of our artificial vaginas come equipped with a vibrating function, to bring you closer to a true to life experience of being with a woman. These products are designed to be soft, yet they simulate the tight grip of a nice and fresh pussy. They are made with incredible realism, so real that you might have to catch yourself and remind yourself that it’s not the real thing…yet.

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