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Published on July 19th, 2010 | by Charlie


Fun Adult Toys – A Quick List of Pleasuring Devices

The sheer number of sex toys can be a bit baffling, not to say distracting. If you’re looking for something for fun or as a present, here’s a few options. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate sex machine or thinking of adding a few chapters to the Kama Sutra, what you want is findable.


Adult sex games are a lot of fun, and very popular. You can be sure of getting various levels of interest in a new game, and always be sure of a few good laughs. Games like Monogamy, Nookii, and others are global best sellers, and really, they’re terrific fun for any couple.


Massagers are now more than just a toy. They’ve become a must-have for those who really know how to use them. These things are great fun, particularly the massage gloves, rabbit vibrators and remote vibrators. They’re also great presents and gifts you know will be appreciated.


Some people absolutely love dolls. They’re a true niche in the adult market because of this popularity, and the sheer number and variety can keep you busy looking for a while, too. Look around for a while on principle, because there’s usually something new on the market.

Dolls are pretty special. The Japanese manga doll types in particular are surprising, they’re a sort of sub-species of dolls which is becoming an art form. Even if you’ve never looked at a doll before, they’re a true icon of the doll culture.


Everybody has their own preferences in adult DVDs, and the shopping around doesn’t get dull. Finding what you want may involve a lot of browsing. Think of it as research. The good news is that adult DVD suppliers are always on the lookout for new material, and the new releases are sometimes the perfect addition to a great time.


It seems like every time you blink there are new sex toys on the market, and the range of choices is expanding just as fast. Men’s and women’s toys are getting more advanced, too, so don’t think you’ve seen it all just yet.

Some of the new toys are pretty imaginative, and they’re pretty impressive.

The toys are also good presents, particularly when you match the person to the gift as well as you can. Shopping online is a good idea, too, because you can get your gifts shipped to your friends direct.

Depending on personal tastes you can go shopping by category, too. There’s a lot of possibilities:

  • Sex toys
  • Dildos
  • Fantasy accessories
  • Vibrators
  • Lubricants
  • Love swings
  • Remote toys
  • Adult sex games
  • Blow up dolls
  • Sex machines

It’s worth exploring the whole range. Take your time, hunt around, and particularly have a look at the new toys, because they are really something different. There are usually bargains, too, so you might find you’re getting more than your money’s worth in a good shopping spree.

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