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Published on April 14th, 2011 | by Charlie


How to Give an Erotic Body Massage

If you’re in a giving mood, there’s little that’s more enjoyable or luxurious for your partner than treating him or her to a full-body erotic massage. Not only will it be an incredibly enjoyable sensation for your partner, it will get you both hot and heavy and ready for the main event. Whether you give a simple skin-on-skin rub-down or you get a little creative with sex toys, a full body massage can be incredibly erotic for both of you. Here are our top 5 tips on giving a mind-blowing erotic massage:

1. Lube Up

Something that can take a full-body massage from so-so to SO GOOD is lubricant. Whether you use some scented aromatherapy oils, some regular lube or some plain old baby oil, the slippery, silky feel of slick oil on hot skin is enough to turn you on just thinking about it. Put a towel down, lube up and get slip-sliding away.

2. Take Your Time

Even the best massage can be hampered if the person receiving it keeps worrying about it ending too soon. Make sure you let your partner know that this is going to go on for a while, so they can really relax and get into it. Work your hands in slow, purposeful motions, inching down your partner’s body at a snail’s pace.

3. Not Just Hands

A truly erotic massage utilises the whole body of the masseuse, as well as the person being massaged. Once both of you are really into it, get naked and use your breasts, stomach, arms and legs to rub up against your partner. The oil, your bare skin on bare skin and the natural friction this will create will have both of you begging for more.

4. Props

Involving sex toys like vibrators or handcuffs is another way to raise the heat on your erotic massage. Work a vibrator up and down your partner’s spine, circling closer and closer to where they really want you to put it without ever actually going all the way. This kind of teasing both builds sexual tension and releases muscle tension, making for a very interesting combination of sensations.

5. Get Vocal

An erotic massage isn’t just sexy for the person on the receiving end—you can have a damn good time giving one as well. If you’re enjoying yourself, make yourself heard by vocalising what you’re feeling. Complimenting your partner on their body and letting them know you’re turned on heightens the pleasure for both of you, so don’t be shy!

An erotic massage is one of the best ways to initiate foreplay and express intimacy. We guarantee that after 15 minutes of full-body massage neither of you will be able to hold off on moving forward to the main event!

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