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Published on August 30th, 2010 | by Charlie


Lasting longer: how to gain staying power

The legendary sexual exploits of famous lovers sound like the Olympics, if you consider how much actual sex was involved. That’s real staying power in anyone’s language. The study of sexual stamina is actually an ancient study. It’s a subject in which nobody’s lost interest in the last 5000 years. There are even ancient sex toys, graffiti, and various ways of using practically everything on Earth as sex aids.

Apparently the ancients soon started to figure out that not everything was actually great for maintaining sexual prowess. (Well, how sexy is wearing a goatskin and drinking urine while hopping in a circle likely to be, anyway?) There’s some reason to believe that a lot of the “sex secrets” of ancient cultures were junk sold to very credulous people. The real studies of sexual stamina started when people became literate. Educated people were less likely to be hopping mad about their sex lives and more interested in finding things that actually worked.

The person who wrote the Kama Sutra was a bachelor, and it’s fair to say he had a lot on his mind. The Kama Sutra is a cross between various principles of yoga and a system for creative sex, and it’s the longest published book on Earth, with a couple of possible exceptions. The Taoists in China believe that withholding ejaculation is the best way to prolong sex and even attain immortality. (Most guys would be prepared to work on that angle for a few million years and see if it works.)

The Romans figured that practice made perfect, and held orgies which have been famous for thousands of years. The discovery of coffee and chocolate led to a belief that they were aphrodisiacs, which if ironic by modern standards, led to colonization of those parts of the world in a hurry.

Modern sexual stamina is achieved by a range of good sex aids, techniques and a lot of enthusiasm. Very popular are penis pumps and stimulators like the vast range of vibrators which fairly boggles the mind. The principle, however, is valuable for those trying to improve their stamina, and the ancient ideas are pretty good, as well as interesting.

Penis pumps are great for the circulation, very important for the guys, who need it to stay functional, and healthy, too. The vibrators are good for the girls, for much the same reason. In both cases, the prelude sets up the body for more performance. Stimulation is good for the nervous system, and creates more receptivity.

This is actually fundamental physiology. The body doesn’t waste energy, and all muscles will settle down into place and conserve energy, unless they’re woken up. One of the reasons yoga is so good for basic sexual health is that it’s a great muscle toner, particularly for women, and the principle is much the same as the stimulators and penis pumps- The muscles are woken up and conditioned by stretching and the controlled circulation.

The story so far in humans mastering the art of lasting longer is to stay fit and focused, use the good sex aids, and stop hopping in circles.

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