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Lubricants – Why They Are Important

Lubricants are used for a lot of different purposes. They’re important because they help prevent tissue damage and chafing. If you’re experiencing pain, dryness and skin irritations, you do need a lubricant. But personal lubricants are also part of enhancing pleasure (slippery effect, tingling, warming lubricants) and they’re important to prevent the breakage of a condom.

How lubricants work

Lubricants are basically much like oils, whether silicone based or water based gels. They create a barrier between surfaces which reduces friction. That allows more mobility and less damage caused by direct contact with tissues. They also reduce tissue loss from the skin, shielding it and to some extent protecting it..

Lubricants are particularly important when using condoms and some forms of sex aids. They keep condoms supple, and also protect the skin against excessive friction from sex toys. Lubricants are also very useful in preventing aggravation of injuries in sensitive areas.

Lubricants can (and usually should) be used with all sorts of sex toys, including:

  • Dildos of all varieties
  • Vibrators including rabbit vibrators and remote vibrators
  • Adult toys

The idea of lubricants is to help you have fun, and that’s exactly what they do.

Skin irritation and issues

Skin irritations can be real problems, and they can also be extremely uncomfortable. Lubricants can help a lot in these situations, reducing the effects of dry or damaged skin, and greatly improving comfort. They can also help the skin when it’s under stress, particularly Vitamin E lubricants, which are famous for their moisturizing and skin repair abilities.

However- Some lubricants aren’t necessarily what you need in some situations. If you’ve got sensitive, sore or chafed skin, for example, menthol-based lubricants can come as a surprise, to say the least. You can wind up on the ceiling, and on your own.

Play safe- Be aware of any possible problems

Lubricants are designed to help people have fun, and they do that well. When using a lubricant, always be a cautious if you’re still feeling sensitive even despite the lubricant. It’s possible to do some real injury which might take a while to heal. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh is probably right if it’s sore even when
you’re using a good lubricant.

A very few people may have allergic reactions to some lubricants, usually to one of the ingredients. The most common sign is a rash effect. The thing to worry about is possible infections, if the skin cracks. This is a bit like dermatitis, and the problem is that the cracked skin can let in germs.

This really is extremely uncommon, but some people do have naturally sensitive skin. It’s advisable to check with a doctor if there are any signs of injuries like these, and discontinue use of that brand of lubricant until proven innocent by the doctor.

Lubricants are for pleasure, and they can be used for just about anything you can think of, any time, and they can help keep you safe.

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