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Published on October 21st, 2014 | by Charlie


Male Chastity Toys Explained

What is the appeal of male chastity?

Male chastity can confuse people who have never thought about it. Can denying sexual release increase sexual satisfaction? Let us walk you through it!

Men choose these devices for a number of reasons. The most common would be to use as tool for power swapping bondage play. That said, many men choose to use male chastity devices to discourage frequent masturbation.

In the first case the wearer enjoys the thrill of being controlled by their “key holder”. The key holder is the dominant partner who locks the chastity system in place.

Other men find that frequent masturbation interferes with the rest of their sex life. Maybe his partner feels neglected and he wants to deny self satisfaction to improve sex between him and his partner.

The rest of this article will focus less on the “why” aspect, since that is a personal choice, and more on the “how” aspect by exploring different male chastity systems.

Form vs. Function

The most common type of male chastity device on the market is the cock cage. Just as the name implies it is a ridged cage that encloses the penis to prevent erections. These systems are available in a variety of materials from metal, to hard plastic, to flexible silicone. Plastic cages are popular because they can be worn anywhere, including during travel, because they will not set off airport metal detectors.

male-chastity-cagesExtreme Steel Male Chastity Cage (left) / CB6000 Designer Series Camo (right)

Some cage systems are designed specifically for more stimulating bondage play. These may include additional parts such as anal stimulators or urethra probes. There are also cages made from leather and other materials that are designed to be eye catching rather than discreet.

male-chastity-devicesOppressor Male Confinement (left) /  Gates of Hell (right)

Traditional Styles

The phrase “chastity belt” is probably more familiar than “chastity cage” to many people. While they aren’t as popular as newer cage style male chastity systems many men do prefer the classic look and function of a belt. Depending on how tightly you fasten a chastity belt it can feel either very constricting or looser than a cage but just as restrictive.


Locking Male Chastity Belt (left) / The Safety Net (right)

 Final Thought

As you can see there are as many reasons to use a male chastity device as there are types of devices. It doesn’t matter where your interests lie, there is going to be a chastity system just for you. If you have any questions please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect male chastity solution for your needs!


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  1. Jay says:

    Interesting article. It would have been good to mention the approach to chastity in other cultures,
    with different tools and other ways to use cock cages.

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