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Published on January 17th, 2011 | by Charlie


Male Love Dolls–Have We Found The Perfect Man?

Ok, so perhaps the term ‘love doll’ is a bit of a euphemism for a blow-up mannequin with a vibrating penis, but with his ever-ready attitude and ability to keep his mouth firmly shut, love might be just the emotion you feel towards this relatively new twist on the traditional female sex doll. Sex dolls have actually been in existence for centuries, with the original version being little more than some clothes and fabric sewn together by French sailors enduring long periods at sea in order to replicate a woman (with all the vital parts). These sex toys were referred to as dames des voyages (voyage ladies) and kept the sailors busy and occupied over those rough nights at sea.

The modern incarnation of these sea-faring pleasure-givers is of course the sex doll, also known as a love doll or a blow-up doll. These range from the very rudimentary to the impressively detailed, and prices range to reflect this. More recently, adult toy manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that there is a real market for an anatomically male doll to spice up lonely nights not only for straight men, but for girls and boys who like boys. The male love doll is gaining popularity, and with optional ‘penis’ size, vibrating add-ons and life-like proportions, it’s easy to see why!

Here are ten reasons why the male love doll might just be the perfect man:

1. He’ll never check out your friends

2. He’ll never be home late

3. He’ll never come first and then roll over before you’re finished

4. He’ll never say a bad word about your mother

5. He’ll never lose his erection (and if he does, you can probably take him back under warranty…)

6. He doesn’t drink

7. He’ll keep his six-pack forever

8. He’ll never complain when you want to watch Sex and the City

9. He doesn’t care about sports

10. You can do pretty much whatever you like with him, and he’ll never judge you.

Most vibrators or adult toys, while pleasurable, require a decent amount of imagination in order to seem like the real thing. With a male sex doll, you get all the benefits of a vibrator, as well as the fantasy of the strapping fireman (or whatever it is you’re into) that comes along with it! There’s no need to give yourself RSI from all that manoeuvring with a dildo, you can explore different positions, fantasies and even role plays and lose yourself to the experience.

A male love doll is the perfect remedy for boredom, lonely nights or that one fantasy your other sex toys just can’t fulfill. The only issue will be making time to leave the bedroom in your new relationship!

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