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Published on June 9th, 2012 | by Charlie


A Mass Majority of Sexually Satisfied Women Reside in Sydney, Australia

Women crave sexual satisfaction just like their male partner does.  That desire to reach rich, creamy, utter fulfillment is no less for women than it is for men.  However, there are many women around the globe who are left wanting–more than they are luxuriating in the after glow.  Studies have shown that there are far more women feeling less than satisfied than fully appeased.  However, there is one country that wholly mirrors glorious sexual completeness for women.  In Australia, there is definitely not a lack of libido, or concern in pleasing the female.  Aussie men appear to go out of their way in helping their partners rich that sweet exhilarating precipice of pleasure.  It might be difficult for some men from other cultures to believe, but Aussie men definitely have it going on when it comes down to understanding how to satisfy their female bed mates.   Statistically, Australia has more sexually satisfied women residing within its boundaries than anywhere else in the world, and that is an amazing feat for sure!

Why are Women in Australia so Satisfied?

There are many reasons for female satisfaction in Australia.  One reasoning in-behind this is the fact that most Aussie’s don’t fear sexual discovery like other ethnic groups do.   They are also far less judging on how couples behave in public, and they are more open to kissing and touching in the wide open, despite how other people might take these intimate actions.  All in all, Aussie couples are far more accepting of less than decent bodily contact in public places such as elevators, parks, theaters, and even restaurants.  They are also one of the few cultures that are  wide open to discussions concerning intimate sex experiences with strangers.

Most couples in Australia happen to view sex as a healthy topic, one that should be kept out of the closet and comfortably discussed without fear of ridicule, or judgment by others.  This is a great way of becoming closer to your partner as well.  When you’re more open, and can freely discuss sexual intimacy among one another, it does open up that doorway of satisfying those delicious cravings far more thoroughly than if you just remained closed mouthed and inhibited.  This is one of those rare occasions where other cultures could definitely learn a thing or two about satiating and seducing their partner.  When you have the ability to have your partner lost in the moment of the experience, and abandoning themselves to the ride over the top, leaving them undeniably satisfied and feeling fully wanted, then you’ve really gone above and beyond in the secret web of sexual desire for women in particular.

Health Benefits to be Gained for Sexually Satisfied Women

According to several medical studies, women who have regular climaxes actually reap many health benefits.  They are definitely more alert, and they exude self confidence as well.  Five benefits that are really some of the best a woman could ask for are:

  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle:  Women who are sexually active and who are fully satisfied, and orgasmic  are going to have less cramping and minimized moodiness during their time of the month than other women.
  • Aids in Relaxation:  Reaching sexual bliss allows the body to release more endorphin’s which promotes that over all feel good feeling following extraordinary sex.  Women who climax sleep better, and have an increased energy level.
  • Youthfulness is maintained:  Studies have accurately shown that women who reach that creamy stage at least three times a week are able to hold on to that younger looking skin, and thicker, fuller hair, minimizing the aging process.
  • Excellent for circulation:  Sex is one of the best exercises that you can be involved in simply because it gets the whole body humming and pumping.  The blood circulates far better when your able to reach total satisfaction than when you are left strained and unfulfilled.
  • Improved Immune System:  Women that are more fulfilled, reaching orgasm more often have a stronger, more vitalized immune system than other women.  It has been proven too that sexually appeased women suffer from far fewer colds and bouts with the flu than women who are left hanging.

So, while it is great to be living in a country where, as a female, you know that you are among the population that achieves greater sexual freedom and pleasure; you’re also within a class of women that is far healthier internally than women elsewhere in the world who are not being able to reach this level of orgasmic release.  Australian women should definitely feel fortunate, because not only are they getting the best sexual experiences ever, they are also benefiting from them in multiple ways.  Now, you simply can’t expect much more than that; improved health and sexual satiation; what a blessing in disguise!

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