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Published on November 14th, 2011 | by Charlie


Naughty Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal showers are great fun for everyone. They’re even more fun when the bride-to-be starts opening her gifts and realises that half of her guests have bought her sex toys! People often get caught up in thinking the best thing for the bride-to-be is a table cloth and napkin set. While this may be adorable, who knows, she could have her fingers crossed for something a little more kinky she can use to have fun with her soon to be hubby! If you want to buy her a gift that she’ll secretly love and will have everyone in hysterics, including her, then read on:

The Kama Sutra

We all know what this magnificent book of wisdom beholds. And there are so many different versions of it that if she’s the type to think if they use real photographs it’s practically porn, then perhaps a more traditional version with illustrations will be right up her alley.

A love game

Forget about snakes and ladders, we are talking about a naughty love game that your bride can play with her groom. There’s so many to choose from that you can buy her everything from a board game with a romantic twist to something that will have both her, and her partner calling up to thank you for your ever so thoughtful bridal shower gift. Basically, they’ll love it.

Edible underwear

Without a doubt, even the shyest of brides will get a real laugh from receiving a candy bra with matching g-string. After unwrapping gift after gift of serving platters and his and hers bath towels your gift will bring on a welcome change of pace. There’s so many different types of edible underwear and body paint too, so if she’s a chocoholic maybe something she can eat off of her groom is in order!

Sex toys

A little box of carefully selected goodies always makes the perfect cheeky bridal shower gift, even for the most conservative of brides. A set of fluffy love cuffs, some massage oil and a small whip is a great idea if you’re not sure that the full blown cat o/ nine tails will be well received.


Vibrators make great bridal shower gifts and are likely to have even Aunt Hazel in fits of laughter, (as long as your dealing with an open-minded crowd). If your girlfriend doesn’t have one and has not yet experienced how pleasurable they can be, then this is a wonderful gift that will only add to the pleasure she gets in the bedroom with her partner. May we suggest that unless she’s pretty hardcore, make it something not so intimidating. Keep it classic.

There are so many great naughty bridal shower gifts you can buy for your special bride-to-be. With endless possibilities there is sure to be something just right to gift your friend on this very special occasion!

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