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Why the Rush for Orgasm Balls?

Well, it is undoubtedly true.  The 50 Shades of Grey has changed intimacy for some women and legitimate couples forever.  Following the book, and the round of craze that followed, the next fit centered on the delectable orgasm balls.  Of course, the majority of women learned all about this from the series.  The perception of many is that these must be wondrous things because they were used by the lovers of ‘The 50 Shades of Grey,’ but unfortunately they don’t stop to consider the fact that the characters aren’t even real people.

Many women took the scenes from the book, along with the usage of sexual toy items quite literally.  Some of these more popular ones have been  butt plugs, dual dildos, nipple clamps, and other fiendish play things; which, they claim give them sexual pleasure.  These orgasm balls are proclaimed to provide a great difference when it comes to sex.  Some say that it helps them learn how to tighten their pelvic muscles.  Other women find their fascination with them centered on their own exploration.  You see, this novel series actually opened the door for many to begin playing around with bondage, submission, domination, and of course ‘kinkysex’ activities.  It has actually led many mothers into the secret area of sexual play items that promote pain, but actually lead to pleasure, according to the books.  Of course, this is all because of their yearning for something different in their lives.

The Chatter among Women

If we want to get right to the point of the matter, the easiest way of explaining the rush to buy sex toys following the sales of ‘The 50 Shades of Grey,’ simply goes back to women giving other women tips on what makes them feel good.  For instance, the series is all about women and receiving pleasure, whether it is through pain or it is through pure submission.  The orgasm balls idea is just one of many that has emerged from this erotic writing.  As was stated, it simply has opened the minds of many women who were once ashamed of speaking about their sex lives, or, what toys they played with in the bedroom.  Now, items such as these orgasm balls are talked about as commonly as cookies and milk are.

Women feel like extraordinary sex, which takes place between Christian and Anastasia doesn’t simply have to be a fantasy affair; thus, the reasoning in behind orgasm balls purchasing, and even, nipple clamps.  As was said, the novels opened the door for women to go through, and since then, it has remained opened.  There has been a 300% increase in the sales of these balls alone.  The truth of the matter is, women have been buying up all sorts of sexual toys, specifically those that were mentioned in the books.  The balls  were really a ‘wow’ factor in ‘The 50 Shades of Grey,’ as Anastasia (character in novel) was shown to have multiple orgasmic experiences when she used them.  Quite naturally, everyday women want to know if something like that is true or not, so this is just another reason for their mass selling.

Natural Female Curiosity and the Drive to Reaching Orgasmic Bliss

Let us reiterate here the common facts.  For any women who have read the first installment of ’50 Shades of Grey,’ they must be aware that Anastasia Steel’s orgasms almost always occurred without any clitoral stimulation at all, mostly due to the steel orgasm balls that Christian Grey introduced her too.  It was almost like she could just be standing still and have a mind blowing orgasm.  While real women know this is highly unlikely to happen in real life, they still have to find out for themselves.  This again leads to human curiosity, and women wanting to experience orgasms as greatly provocative as the ones that Anastasia experienced in the book.  As was mentioned, the whole idea in sex toy sales increasing is basically from women reading this series.  It just creates interest that can’t be denied.  Before this book, many women had never even heard of such things as ‘orgasm balls,’ but you better believe now that practically every woman on the face of the planet knows what they are.


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