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Australian Women Devise Ways to Move Past Orgasmic Disorder

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on sexual disorders in Australia, Orgasmic disorder can vary across the female population, with the highest statistical evidence illustrating that 10% to 15% of women in country have never had an orgasmic experience.  Still, there are just as many females who are sexually encumbered with other issues relative to this disorder.  The bottom line is, there simply isn’t enough information out there for couples, with regard to this specific dysfunction.  Many medical professionals see it as more of a psychological problem, versus an actual physical problem.  The common rationale concerning this disorder is that the women who suffer with it are possibly dealing with issues of shame, embarrassment, low self esteem, or other inhibitions which block their bodies pleasure sensors, and thus prevent them from achieving the sexual satiation that they are craving.  Believe it or not, the advise that is quite often given to women who have this problem is for them to explore their own bodies so that they might become more aware of the pleasure points within their own female genitalia.  Psychologists and medical experts alike then claim that that will comprehend what it takes to reach that state of perfect bliss.

Women Want it But Can’t Achieve it

For many women, they balk at the claims these professionals make, especially those who are supposed to be advocates for women.  While many Australian women enjoy sex immensely, and gain pleasure from it, they’d like to reach orgasm just as often as their male partner does.  The research on this exemplifies that just about every woman, at some point in her life is going to, suffer (or has suffered) from some sexual dysfunction, it is unavoidable.  The following statistics give rise to concern over what could be the culprit to these hindrances in an other wise sexually satisfying relationship among Australian couples.   Accurately obtained evidence clearly emphasizes that women from the ages of 16 through 49 have all experienced some form of sexual dysfunction at least once in their sexual histories.  Some of these women are post menopausal, or premenopausal, or might have just given birth not so long ago; etc.  There are a variety of causative factors that can disturb a woman’s natural desires and tendencies to be able to climax, or even become wet with excitement for that matter.  Women vary greatly from their male counterparts, there is no denying that whatsoever.

Female Masturbation and Sexual toys

While it might be easy for a man to reach his creamy ecstasy, it can be quite frustrating for the female.  Some counselors for couples sexual therapy recommend the woman attempt to bring her own self to climax through masturbation while either her lover watches her, or waits for her to get herself excited before he engages her with penetration.  Some activities which have been found to be beneficial are:

  1. Seek out the most pleasurable points on your body
  2. Once these are found, concentrate on them and manually stimulate yourself to arousal
  3. When you are sexually excited, increase the stimulation through rubbing your clitoris faster and with a longer duration while also attempting vaginal penetration with a dildo.
  4. You can also use topical creams or gels which can get you hot and horny
  5. Watch explicit video tapes while having your lover play with your body, or you continue to please yourself
  6. Learn to feel comfortable touching yourself and bringing yourself to arousal with your lover watching you
  7. Educate your lover on what makes you feel closer to orgasm, or what you prefer to help you get there
  8. Experiment with a variety of toys together
Sexual exploration, and sometimes engaging in an artificial form of sex, such as with the dildos mentioned can be all it takes to help the female tip over into that wet deliverance she is intensely craving.  One of the best female love joys on the market today stimulates both her clit and the inside of her vagina at the same time, directly hitting her G spot.   If  a woman is willing to relax and allow her lover to explore her body with items such as these, or rather, pleasure her own self until she finds a way to over come her sexual difficulties, she can move past a dysfunction such as orgasmic disorder.
However, if it is linked to some form of sexual trauma from the past, the issue can become much more complex and counseling might be the only alternative, at least for awhile.  Still, on many instances it is all in the mind and comes from a lack of self confidence, or feelings of inferiority about oneself.  It can be just as plausible there are organic reasons for the inability to reach that final stage of sexual fulfillment too.  Yet, still, there are man women in Australia who have learned to work around issues such as these when they appear; enabling them to continually enjoy the sexual pleasures that their lovers want to indulge in with them.  There are always ways to improve; and if there is still an issue, there always appears to be some type of alternative that can be an asset to a woman!

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