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Published on December 22nd, 2011 | by Charlie


How to Read Her Body Language

It’s true that we actually say more with our body language than we do verbally in conversation with someone. So it stands to reason that if we can pick up on what people are really saying, by being able to read their body language, we will be able to decipher whether or not that hot blonde is really interested in what you’re saying, or is just waiting for her friend to come back from the bathroom. So before you move the conversation on to kinky positions and sex toys, see if you can read her signs to ensure you have the green light before taking the next step:

It’s All In the Eyes

One of the first places to notice is the eyes. Is she making eye contact with you frequently? That’s a good sign. Or is she looking around, tapping her leg? This is a bad sign. If you compliment her and she looks rather embarrassed and looks away, she’s into you. If she glances at you up and down a few times she likes what she sees.

If you are looking at a woman from across the room and you both keep making eye contact, it’s almost a sure sign that she might just be signalling you over.

The pupils: Her pupils will dilate if she is having a good time and is liking what she sees.


If you are making her laugh or she likes what you are saying, she might lean in and gently touch your knee or arm. This is a good sign and a signal for you to keep doing what you’re doing. If you feel that she is giving you all the signs, lean in and touch her arm gently to ask if she’d like another drink or touch her leg as you laugh at her joke. If she reacts pleased or immediately closes off, you’ll know how she’s feeling about the situation and whether or not it’s time to start a conversation with someone else.

Her Body

Is her body facing you with arms open? Or are her legs and arms crossed? Open body language is more of a ‘come hither’ signal than closed off legs and arms. If her legs aren’t crossed and she’s facing you, it’s a real good sign.

Later That Evening…

So you have managed to get things moved back to her place and the champagne’s flowing. Before you ask her what sex toys and vibrators she likes to use, pick up on her signals. This will help you gauge just how naughty she may be willing to get. If she doesn’t like what you are saying, she’ll pull back. But if you are getting a little hot and heavy and she has a pinkish flush on her chest, this is good. It’s her body reacting almost letting you know to keep doing what you’re doing. A woman’s breasts may also grow as much as 25% as things heat up as well.

Once you learn how to read a woman’s body language, it becomes a lot clearer what she is really thinking and feeling. I hope we’ve given you some useful tips that will help you meet someone special, or simply better understand the needs and wants your other half, just that little bit better.

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