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How Real is a Love Doll?

The Love Doll is a longstanding sex toy. How “real” a doll is may depend on the point of view of the user, but there’s no doubt people have their preferences, and stick to them. There’s a whole range of styles, types and even Manga dolls.

Dolls- Defining “real”

What’s “real” is essentially a matter of personal preferences. Love dolls actually fit an image concept, rather than a stereotype of “real”. Like all types of toy, they have values of their own, not necessarily the need to be photocopies of real people. If you remember having toys as a kid, you’ll also remember that they all acquired individual status, and that a teddy bear didn’t have to be an exact copy of a real grizzly bear.

As a matter of fact, the actual realism in these dolls has greatly increased, largely thanks to technology and better design. It’s now possible to create very detailed dolls. This type of technology is even being used in Japan in the new very human robots, in terms of skin and appearance. A vast range of wigs and other paraphernalia is available for this top of the range dolls, including different heads and bodies.

Looking for what you want

The real issue if you’re looking for a love doll is the sheer number of them. The range of love dolls covers the whole spectrum from basic and cheap to advanced, expensive dolls. This is a market which includes both the original blow up dolls, the new breeds of silicone love dolls, including the “candy girl love doll” species, a distinct identity with its own characteristics. The candy girl love dolls are an example of the new technology, and come complete with specifications and shoe sizes.

Most love dolls are pretty reliable, but there’s a big difference in costs. The prices, which can go up to $15,000 for the candy girl love dolls, need to be checked out in advance. Online shopping is a good idea, to check out ranges and to compare prices. It’s also a good way to keep track of the fascinating “doll culture”, which is as true a culture as any collector’s fair.

Making up your mind

The range of choices has to be narrowed down. While shopping, you’ll have got a very good idea of both types of dolls and their prices. There’s another benefit to the shopping process. You can also check out the suppliers in detail, and see which has the better range of dolls and accessories.

If you’re looking at spending at over $10,000 on a doll, the supplier is an important part of the equation. Good suppliers have an excellent range of materials including up to the minute accessories. It’s worth patronizing a reliable upmarket supplier, because they’re experts in their fields, and have better access to the market sources.

The love dolls are true icons of the sex toys industry. They’ve earned their status as real mainstays of one of the biggest industries on Earth.

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