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Published on August 28th, 2011 | by Charlie


Role Playing in the Bedroom

Role playing is a great way to put the fire back into your sex life with your partner. There are however some important things to consider. Like with vibrators, sex toys and other props used in the bedroom, you both need to feel comfortable and relaxed to ensure optimal enjoyment. Here, we’ve listed some important tips for maximizing your role playing experience:

What turns you on?

You may or may not know what really turns your partner on. In fact some people may be embarrassed to admit that a particular scenario turns them on so they shy away from talking to their partner about it. But the fact is, we all have different fantasies, some stranger than others and if we don’t share them with our partner, there’s no chance of living them out. Be open and honest with your partner about your role playing ideas and ask them what their fantasies involve.

No surprises, please

Unless you are 100% completely sure that your partner is aroused by a particular role playing scenario, it’s not a good idea to spring it on them. Tying them to the bed after a long day at work when its not really their cup of tea can only end in disaster for all parties involved.


From classic role playing ideas to something a little different, we’ve got some role playing ideas to get your started:

  • Have an affair with your partner- Arrange to meet your other half at a bar or nightclub. Pretend it’s the first time you’ve met. Flirt and tease each other. Get him to try to pick you up.
  • Doctor and Nurse- This scenario will always be a popular choice. The woman usually plays the naughty nurse who is dominated by a cheeky doctor who when displeased with her work performance gets her to perform other tasks for him in order for her to keep her job.
  • The servant- This can be played with the man being the servant, employed by a women or vise versa. The servant has to ensure their master is pleased at all times in every way possible.
  • Prisoner and Prison guard- There are lots of great sex toys and props you can use for this one. Take turns in being the prisoner trying to escape while your partner takes control. Then if you fancy, try switching roles and changing up the scenario.

These are just some of the traditionally thought out scenarios that are popular choices between couples to play out in the bedroom. Ultimately, you need to work out what arouses you and your partner the most and act out that fantasy. Use the above ideas as a starting point and talk to your partner openly about what they’d like to try.

Talking openly with your partner about things like role playing in the bedroom can seem a little daunting at first if you’ve never talked about it before. Ultimately you’ll find that role playing can be a wonderful addition to your sexual repertoire and enhance both of your sex lives no end as you give each other the opportunity to live out your biggest fantasies.

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