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Published on August 18th, 2011 | by Charlie


How rubber vaginas have become must-have sex toys for men

If you have become too used to the habit of masturbating with your hand, then you need something to mix things up a little. You should definitely consider acquiring a rubber vagina, because this will make your masturbating a more worthwhile activity! There are different materials, shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from, and if you just take the time, we’ll guarantee that you will find a rubber vagina that suits you best.

The most common kind of rubber vagina is one that’s made of silicon. This material mimics the feel of human skin, though not as accurately as other materials. Since it is widely used as a material for rubber vaginas, silicon vaginas are usually cheaper. They’re good and they will get the job done however, if you can afford the difference then you should definitely upgrade to materials that were specifically designed to be as realistic as possible.

Another type of material is Cyberskin. Cyberskin is unique because it closely resembles the firmness and texture of real human skin, for that extra authentic touch. The density of this material can be adjusted, so a Cyberskin masturbator won’t feel the same way all throughout, it will have varying textures and density in different parts, just like real women.

There are rubber vaginas that are attached to butts, some are attached to a pair of legs or a torso, and there are even some that come attached to a life-sized doll! These dolls are adjustable for various positions, so you can practice and hone your sexual skills. There is a huge variety of these, so you’re always guaranteed to find something you will like.

There are also rubber vaginas available that were molded from your favorite porn stars. If you have watched enough films of them to be able to pinpoint their vagina in a line up, then this extra touch of the rubber vagina bearing the likeness of your porn star’s vagina will be the cherry on top of the icing for you. Imagine having sex with your favorite porn star, and it’ll be even easier to picture it because they personally allowed their vaginas to be molded for the products.

For the people on the go, there are ultra-compact rubber vaginas that are discreet and easy to use. If you’re always traveling, just hide one in your checked-in luggage and you can pleasure yourself wherever you go. There are some lines that even come in containers that look like fleshlights, and without knowing what they are, no one will ever guess what these things are really for!

When using a rubber vagina, you must be equipped with lube to make sure you don’t cause too much friction (which may lead to discomfort). Most rubber vaginas will absorb your body heat and eventually adjust so that it feels like real warm flesh to you. Most products are easy to clean after use, but make sure that you read the care instructions, to make sure your product will last a long time.

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