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Published on March 31st, 2011 | by Charlie


Sex Clubs–Are You Game?

For a lot of people, the world of sex is best explored with more than one person. This does not necessarily indicate that romance is put on the back burner, or that there isn’t one sexual partner that can satisfy them forever, it is more a case of wanting to explore the world of group sex, swinging, sex with strangers and a whole host of other delights that mainstream society doesn’t necessarily condone. Because a lot of these acts are fraught with a certain amount of risk in normal situations, the mighty sex club has emerged, a kind of safe-haven for like-minded individuals who want to meet each other in a neutral, comfortable and secure environment. There’s no restrictions on how much you have to do in a sex club–if you want you can just chill out on a couch, play with a few sex toys and observe the goings-on around you–and it’s a fantastic way to initiate the kind of sex you want to be having without the uncertainty of doing it in a foreign setting.

Couple’s Night Out

If you and your partner have decided that you’d like to explore the wilder side of sex, it’s as easy as finding a sex club and checking it out. It’s a good idea to discuss personal boundaries with each other before you go so that there’s no confusion or discomfort between either of you when it comes to making decisions. You might decide that the first outing to a sex club will be entirely voyeuristic, so you can both get a feel for what it is like.

Generally, the people who frequent sex clubs are warm, welcoming and happy to explain the way things go. Any prior ideas about a predatory environment will quickly dissipate. As is the case with most sub-cultures, swingers and people who enjoy group sex are often a non-judgemental bunch who are only too happy to help out new members.


If sex with another couple is what you’re into, there are several ways you can make this happen. The easiest way is to show up to a swinger’s club or swinger’s party and check out the local talent to see who you’re into.

Another way is to meet like-minded individuals in an online setting first, and then agree to meet them in a club if all parties are game. It’s important that at all stages of the situation everyone is comfortable and happy with the way things are going. Swinging is meant to be fun and sexy, and if at any time someone stops having fun, it’s time for the party to end.

Sometimes, a trip to a sex club can result in some group fun for you and your partner, some public sex (many women like to go and simply play with a vibrator while observing and being observed) or just a good old dance in a place with a sexy vibe. Whatever your comfort level, if you are respectful of other patrons, your visit to a sex club will be eye-opening and exciting.

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