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Published on June 1st, 2015 | by Charlie


Sex Positions – 3 positions ever couple must try

If you want to mix things up these 3 sex positions might do the trick!

Many of couples find that their sex lives become routine and find it challenging to try new things. These three sex positions are twists on positions most couples already know. A few simple tweaks can make what has become routine become amazing!


At first glance this sex position looks a lot like plain old missionary, but there’s a bit more too it. CAT stands for Coital Alignment Technique, and women report a 56% increase in orgasm frequency vs. “normal” missionary.


Trying The CAT is easy: he just has to move his body up so his chest is aligned with her shoulders. She bends her knees to 45 degrees and tilts her hips up. This causes the base of the penis to maintain contact with the clitoris. Rather than thrusting, try rocking back and forth.

Pole Position

This one is a variation on the cowgirl (or more specifically, the reverse cowgirl) sex position. She’ll experience dual stimulation while he gets a great view of her rear end. It also lets her reach down to stimulate his testicles and perineum.


He should lie back and raise one knee while leaving the other leg outstretched. She can then straddle his bent leg and stimulate her vulva while experiencing deep penetration. He’ll also be able to see his penis penetrating her which is a big turn on for most men.

The Pretzel

This sex position lets both partners feel the deep penetration normally associated with doggy-style face-to-face. Many women find rear-entry painful for her back, and lacking intimacy since she can’t see her partners face. The Pretzel solves both of these problems making it a great compromise.


He should straddle her left leg and have her wrap her right leg around the right side of his waist. She can lie flat on her back, or put a pillow under her right shoulder for a little extra support. This sex position also makes it easy for him to use his hands to stimulate her even further.

While these three sex positions are a great place to start they barely scratch the surface. If you really want to up your game, check out a book like Sex 365: A Position for Every Day!


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