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Published on August 4th, 2015 | by Charlie


Sex Trends 2015 – Smashing Taboos!

Sex trends are always changing, what’s new in 2015?

It seems like every year sex trends change and things that were formerly taboo become normal. A certain book took BDSM from behind closed doors to bedrooms around the world a few years ago, so what’s the “next big thing”? If you want to stay ahead of the curve try out some of these ideas so you can say you were doing it before anyone else.

Tell your partner what you want!


This might sound like common sense, but in a 2009 survey by sex toy maker Lelo only 67% of women reported that they felt comfortable telling their partner what they wanted. While the number has climbed to 81% for 2015, that still means almost 1/5th of women aren’t getting what they want. Don’t be afraid to be vocal! If something feels good, tell him to keep at it. If it’s not working for you, tell him it’s time to switch it up!

Extreme edging!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with “edging”, it’s the practice of getting almost to the point of orgasm and then stopping before “going over the edge”. Why would someone want to do this, aren’t sex trends supposed to be all about orgasms? The simple answer is the more times you start-and-stop, the more powerful the orgasm will be when you finally let it happen. As far as sex trends go, this is something that people (especially men) often do without even thinking about it. To make this a new experience, keep the dialogue with your partner going during sex and together make an effort to slow things down and speed things up at just the right time so you can both experience mind blowing mutual orgasms.



Karezza and edging are similar ideas, but the practice of karezza takes the focus completely off the big finish and puts it on what’s happening in the moment. When you’re having sex, try to totally forget that you’re heading to towards “the big O” and instead focus on the pleasure you’re feeling at that very moment. Slow things down and stop thinking of intercourse as a way to get off, and instead think of it as an extended pleasure session. Some extreme karezza enthusiasts find delaying an orgasm more pleasurable than actually having one.

Tantric sex!


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly new, but much like BDSM it was considered a niche activity up until recently. Tantric sex trends are all about connecting your partners body to your own. Extended sessions of coordinated breathing, mutual massage, and simply focusing on what feels good without worrying about how it looks are the core concepts of tantric sex. Throw off any sense of shame and do what feels good! Embrace sex as powerful and liberating and let the good feelings flow.

Open relationships!


So what do open relationships have to do with sex trends? It seems like millennials are much more likely to be okay with having their boyfriend or girlfriend keeping in touch with their FWB’s. While this is a touchy topic, and there is potential for massive jealousy, if both people in a relationship are okay with their partner having no-strings-attached sex with other people, why not? This is basically a revival of the cliche 70’s swingers attitude, but it’s much more casual than it was back then. Open relationships work especially well for couples where one, or both, members identify as bisexual.

So what does everyone think? Are you smashing any taboos and creating your own sex trends? If you think we left anything out let us know in a comment! Be sure to like and share if you found this article interesting!

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