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Sexual Restraints Lead to Higher Levels of Stimulation

Bringing a little bit of the ‘Shades of Grey’ flavour into your bedroom is definitely not going to cause any harm at all.  Some couples actually enjoy being a little more risque in their sexual foreplay.  In fact, there are many who have claimed allowing their partner to dominate them to a certain level increases their arousal.   Of course, this is going to differ among couples, but because the majority of Australians are already a little bit spicier in the bedroom than others, it is quite feasible that they would be more willing to accept some vulnerability and submission too.

Vulnerability and Passion

If you have a great deal of trust in your relationship, then you are one of those lucky couples.  When it comes to sexual pleasures, couples who have a high level of trust are found to be more willing to try out different techniques and explore their sexuality together.  They also don’t shy away from ideas such as sexual restraints or blindfolds.  In fact, they are far more open to these types of activities than others are.   Those lovers who do engage in bondage find it erotically satisfying, and to the surprise of many, the partner which plays the role of the submissive partner gains higher levels of arousal than when normal sexual positions are the name of the game.

Vulnerability and Arousal 

Allowing yourself to become vulnerable and yielding for your partner’s carnal delights also opens the doorway for your own arising passions.  It has been proven through much research and debate that Australian women (or any nationality of women) reach higher levels of satisfaction when they submit to their partner.  Now, this is speaking of light bondage.  Allowing your partner to blindfold you and maybe even cuff you while he performs the ultimate sexual moves on your body can ellicit bodily responses that are out of this world.  Furthermore, in Australia there are more couples than there are not who are experimenting in this sexual art form.  They find it exciting because it is taboo.  Not only this, they find it more primitive and even compelling.  It could easily be pointed out that since the interest in the literary work ‘The Shades of Grey,’ there has been more interest in bondage and sexual activity among couples.  The idea of allowing your lover to totally dominate you in the most seductive means possible has peaked the curiosity of many.

What Sexual Restraints are Common

The majority enjoy items such as silk blindfolds, fuzzy handcuffs, lace bindings, and even bed restraints which hold them in place.  All of these are forms of light bondage, which is exactly what this literature is discussing.  If it hasn’t already been mentioned, the senses play a huge role in what levels of arousal couples will experience.  For instance, when your hands are bound and you’re forced into not having the ability to caress your partner as he or she does you, sexual arousal has been shown to increase by almost 10%.  As foreplay intensifies, with the subdued partner restrained, arousal rises even higher, far above the normal recorded statistics.

Australian couples most definitely find that sexual restraints are sultry and exciting.  It has been heavily emphasized in this body of literature that couples who share high levels of trust with one another really do thrill toward the idea of trying out new sexual activities, and sexual restraints are one of these.  While this gives one partner a thrill over having this type of power, it brings about high levels of sensitivity for both partners too.  Extraordinary sexual encounters such as these definitely aren’t what everyone fantasizes about, but maybe if they would then there would be less divorce and more satisfied couples.  If you are intent on engaging in light bondage in your relationship, then you’ll thoroughly love are product ideas in the following paragraph.

Popular Adult Items for Sexual Escapades with Restraints

There are a great many adult toys and erotic items on the market today.  This literature has already mentioned the wrap around bed restraints, handcuffs, lace bindings, nylon rope, blindfolds, and other toys.  However, what adult playthings do you include when you have your partner subdued and desiring your undying attention?  Some do revert to the simplest of things such as fluffy feathers, silicone based dildo’s, massage oils which are edible, cock rings, and even anal plugs.  The choice is the couples only.  Everyone has their own preference of toys, but this literature is going to list the top five for you that bring about the highest of sensual pleasures.

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