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Published on October 22nd, 2011 | by Charlie


To Spank or not to Spank

If you really want to heighten your love making, why not add a little spanking in for good measure? Aren’t sure whether or not to take the leap and enter into the erotic pleasure zone brought on by love taps? We’ve got some information for you to check out. From spanking with designated sex toys to bare hand taps we’ve got the lowdown on how to spank to increase arousal for both you and your partner:

Why a Woman May Like to Be Spanked

Women often like to be spanked because they are turned on by being in a vulnerable position where you can give them a gentle tap. It’s not so much the pain of the spank, but the laying over your bent knee that gets her excited. The derriere is a major erotic area for women and having you pay so much attention to this region in most cases, will get her feeling aroused as well. See spanking as teasing her, prolonging the anticipation of the sexual pleasure that is soon to come.

Why Men Like to Spank

For men, it’s often the feeling of power a man feels when he spanks his lady love. Men also love playing with their lovers nether regions and watching their partner get turned on by being spanked.

What You Need to Know:

  • Like the breasts and back of the neck, the bottom is also a prime erogenous zone. This means that like those areas, there are sexual arousal nerves just waiting to be stimulated. The only difference is there is more layers of fat on the behind that you need to get through, in order to reach those nerves (hence the need for spanking).
  • If a women is spanked over your knee or propped up with a cushion, the spanking should result in sudden squirms with each tap, which will result in stimulating her other erogenous areas.
  • Before an orgasm can happen, blood must be collected and remain in the genitals and surrounding areas. Psychologically is brought on with foreplay with kissing and touching. This can also be induced with the act of spanking on a physiological level as the stinging of the taps causes blood vessels to gather in the bottom and also other nearby regions.

Some Things to Keep in Mind When Spanking:

  • If she’s not into it, stop — always discuss things like this before introducing them into the bedroom.
  • Start off with using your hand- you might scare her a bit if you invest in a studded paddle when she’s never been spanked before.
  • Role playing is a great way to build up to the spanking. Make it a punishment for something she has done as your naughty nurse or school girl.

Like introducing vibrators and other sex toys into your bedroom, spanking can really add a whole new level to the excitement and amount of pleasure both you and your partner experience. Now you have some of the important facts about the erotic pleasures to be had, you can begin to think of some great role playing ideas to get her in the mood for some serious love taps.

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