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Statistics Illustrate 75% of Women Never Reach Orgasm Through Vaginal Intercourse Alone

Culture isn’t an issue  when it comes to the concept of women and the ability to climax.  There is an innumerable amount of women that never achieve orgasm; but to keep their male partner from feeling inadequate, they fake their blissful release. Within the culture of Australia, while sexual appetites are extremely healthy, and while most are engaging in sexual activity at a minimum of twice a week, there is still quite a significant amount of women that just can’t reach orgasm.  This can be for a variety of reasons.

Psychological Perspective and Orgasm Among Women

From a psychological standpoint, psychologists approach this problem from taking a look at a chemical imbalance in the brain.  It has been researched and claimed that there are an innumerate amount of women who let their flaws take over their mind, and this prevents them from reaching that pinnacle of pleasure.  For other women, there are issues related to sexual trauma that often prevent them from letting go all of the way to allow for that full, sensual ecstasy to take them over.  They hold back and actually prevent this sexual fulfillment themselves.  The perspective from a menage of psychologists and psychiatrists alike is to hone in on communication.  Men need to make their partners feel beautiful.  They have to take their mind off of flaws that they believe they have.  While a man can tell a woman he thinks she is gorgeous while she is on top of him; it doesn’t seem to register fully in her mind, thus her brain blocks some of these pleasure signals from reaching their destination, preventing her from reaching orgasm.

Yet still, there are some psychiatrists that find any woman who might be taken SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) are also less likely to be able to reach orgasm.  Research has proven that women who are on these do suffer with a multitude of sexual side effects. These first materialized in the 80’s for the purpose of battling depression and anxiety, but they haven’t been without their problems, and causing sexual dysfunction seems to be one of the most problematic situations that they create.  It has now been proven that there are over 70% of women who suffer with an orgasmic problem who are taking SSRIs.  The belief is that if these were removed perhaps these women would be able to have normal sexual lives, because nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary with them.  Of course, there are other reasons for why women don’t reach orgasm.

Understanding the Pleasure Cycle

Australian men are more than willing to learn how they can meet their partners needs so that they can achieve that creamy peak of surrender.  While it is true that there is a higher percentage of sexually satisfied women residing in Australia, it doesn’t change the fact that there are still some who have yet to reach an orgasm during vaginal sex.  There is a definite cycle that females go through before they ever reach the point of orgasm; and somehow, somewhere along the way this cycle gets interrupted, thus preventing many from achieving that final, ultimate juicy pleasure.  The following chart is for those who are more visual, illustrating the succession of each step as one ends and the next one begins.

Those Precious Cycles

As was mentioned, the previous  image points how each phase is entered into, and must be completed before the next one can begin. Obviously, the cycle of orgasm has to start with excitement.  If the female isn’t excited then there can be no sensual heightening.  There are a number of ways a man can tell when his female partner begins to become increasingly excited, and the following bullet points emphasize these signs:

  • The male partner should feel the tension building in the muscles of his bed-mate.  When a woman becomes highly excited she has a tendency to tighten her muscles instead of relaxing them, this is just a part of the entire process as it creates the sensations to be more intense.
  • Her breathing increases and she almost pants in pleasure, while the heart rate begins climbing as well
  • Flushing begins to occur as body heat climbs and specific areas of the body begin receiving more blood flow to them.  Blood flow has a significant part to play in the escalating excitement.
  • Women often have erect nipples when they begin to become more readily excitable, and at this point they are found to be highly sensitized to even the simplest of touches.
  • Normally the woman’s labia will swell as more blood flows to it to heighten the pleasurable sensations.  During this time, oral sex can actually drive a woman wild because the clit is more exposed, ready for pleasure from the tongue, fingers, or whatever might be preferred.
  • She is now fully lubricated in this cycle, her body preparing for the moment of penetration.
  • In the last phase of this excitably period the breasts appear to actually swell as the interior of the vagina is swollen and wet as well.
If a man has his female partner at this point then she is well on her way to reaching orgasm, as every nerve in her body is receptive to erotic touch.  Following this phase, a woman reaches a plateau where she still is highly incited for more sexual attention, but this is the area where many things appear to go wrong as well.  For some, they are unable to go past this highest point; thus climax is just beyond their reach.  They might fully enjoy the sexual arousal, and luxuriate in making love with their partner, but they simply can’t move past it. They often need help moving forward; and for many, many women, introducing some sexually explicit toy for clit stimulation often propels them on over into the orgasm stage.
Adult Toys Can Be of Benefit
It has been proven time and time again that the majority of women never reach orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation.  This doesn’t make these women abnormal at all, as in an article in Psychology Today, Michael Castleman wrote that, “only 25% of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse alone.” This says a lot, as it clearly establishes that the other 75% of women achieve orgasm in other ways; yet, more likely is the idea that some of these women never do, as this literature has been discussing. Nevertheless, there are a variety of ways that a couple can try to encourage the release of her sexual tension.  There is definitely nothing like letting loose and allowing for that rush of  pleasure to take you over.  Climax is actually described as that one point in time where you feel almost disconnected from your surroundings and totally focused on riding wave after wave of the most intense and erotic of pleasures.

If a couple can find a sexual play toy that can stimulate the clit, while also giving intense, satisfying sensations vaginally, it is more likely they will finally overcome the obstacles that have been preventing female orgasm.  Being open and uninhibited are of the most importance if a woman is going to achieve that ultimate point during love making; but also, if you have a patient partner who is willing to go that extra mile, you might have something to finally relish more fully  in your love life.  Australians are more willing than any other culture to try a myriad of options in order to gain that sweet taste of utter fulfillment in the end; which is why there definitely are more sexually satisfied women living within this country.

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