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Published on July 22nd, 2011 | by Charlie


How to Tell a Stud from a Dud

There’s a whole world of men out there ladies, and of the ones who are straight and single, most can be categorised into two main groups–studs or duds. The main question, however, is how to tell the difference before you make the mistake of falling for him. The duds can be pretty good at hiding it, and the studs can sometimes need a little unearthing, but we’ve created a series of sex-tests to put him through to help you tell the difference. From the sex toys test to the after-sex etiquette exam, you’ll be able to work out pretty quickly which category he falls into!

Test 1: The Foreplay Test

Foreplay is one of the best indicators of whether or not he’s a stud or a dud. The way he approaches sex will tell you a lot about his attitude in the relationship. If he rushes gung-ho into full sex before making sure you’re just as ready as he is, chances are he’ll show the same disregard for your feelings in the rest of your relationship. If, however, he takes the time to make sure you’re on the same page sexually, and shows you that he’s attentive not only to your needs but to the way you’re feeling, he might just be a stud…

Test 2: The Snuggle Test

His bedroom behaviour extends much further than how he performs during sex. How he performs after sex is equally telling. Typical dud behaviour after orgasm goes something like this:

    • He rolls over, sighs
    • falls asleep immediately, shrugging off your arm if you try to embrace him


  • Jumps up and pulls up his pants, leaving your house before you’ve even managed to catch your breath.

A stud, on the other hand, will make an effort to make you feel special. If he’s a real stud he’ll snuggle you into him. If he spoons you without being asked, marry him on the spot…

Test 3: The Open-Mindedness Test (Sex Toys Test)

One of the best ways to test the open-mindedness of your new beau is to see how he reacts to a little bit of kink. There’s nothing worse than a judgemental or insecure man, and trust us, there are a few out there.If he’s willing to explore your pleasure with you, and is keen to test out your vibrators and other toys together, chances are he’s open-minded enough (and attentive enough) to realise that your pleasure and sexuality is just as important as his. If, however, the sight of another phallic shape in the room (and what’s more, one that can vibrate!) sends him into a jealous sulk, show him to the door and finish up on your own!

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