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Published on February 14th, 2011 | by Charlie


Teaching Him How To Make You Come

The female orgasm is like a complex puzzle, there are several elements which have to come together in order to make it happen. Sadly, a lot of men (and women) give up before they figure out this important fact, which leaves a lot of women wanting when it comes to achieving sexual fulfilment with a partner. Because a man can never fully understand the delicate combinations of our anatomies without our help, we need to take matters into our own hands (literally) and help educate our partners as to how to get us there. From sex toys to role playing and how to broach the subject with sensitivity, here’s a guide for women to help them show their men exactly what they like.
Step 1: Never Fake It

The worst possible thing you can do for your sex life is to fake an orgasm. Why would your partner keep trying if he thinks he’s already cracked the code? While it’s important to encourage good work, a teacher would never give a student full marks for an equation they got wrong, and nor should you congratulate your partner for getting you off if in reality he’s only gotten you halfway. What you can do, however, is give points for effort. Tell him when you’re getting closer, tell him what you like and assure him that you’re making progress together. Make him feel like you’re in it together, rather than like it’s a task he has to achieve alone. If you both feel as though you’re working towards a common goal, you’ll be more eager to try until you get there!

Step 2: Involve Your Brain

Imagination plays a huge part in sex, and if you can’t pull yours away from the giant ‘to-do’ list that await you outside of the bedroom, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to lose yourself in the experience at hand. It can help to take on a sexy alter-ego and role-play your way to orgasm. Sometimes, escaping the mentality of the woman who finds it difficult to orgasm with her partner and mentally ‘slipping into something more comfortable’ can be the key to relaxing enough to let the pleasure take you over. Indulge your naughty fantasies and be specific with your partner as to exactly what you want him to do–chances are he’ll be only too happy to oblige!

Step 3: Props

Most women find it easier to orgasm though the clitoris, and the common theme is that while they have no problem orgasming alone or with vibrators, orgasming with a partner is more of a challenge. If this sounds familiar to you, why not involve as many of the elements that will help you come as possible? Playing with a vibrator or stimulating the clitoris during penetration will heighten your pleasure and can bring you to orgasm much more quickly. Making your partner aware of this is also important, so that he doesn’t neglect any area!

Good sex takes two, and with guidance, you can show your partner exactly what’s required on his behalf, which will ultimately make the experience a lot more pleasurable for you both!

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