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Published on September 11th, 2011 | by Charlie


Toys in the Bedroom: The Do’s and Dont’s

Sex toys are great for adding a little extra pep in your bedroom repertoire. But there are some important guidelines one should follow before maxing out the credit card on a box of bedroom play things. Sex toy etiquette requires every thoughtful lover to follow some important rules that let your partner know you respect them, but are ready for some play when they are.

Discuss using sex toys with your partner

It’s not a good idea to pull out a toy in the heat of passion and start using it when your partner has no idea you’ve bought it. Make sure that before you enhance your love life with toys, you talk to your partner about it. If they seem like they are comfortable with the idea, find out what sort of things they may be interested in trying. Your idea of gradually easing into using toys could be completely different to theirs. You both need to always be on the same page.

Don’t be selfish

The first time you buy toys for the bedroom try to make it all about them. If it’s your idea, you want them to see what a great idea it is. If you only buy toys which enhance your pleasure and not theirs, it can look a little selfish. Always put them first. Once they’ve experienced a playful session with you, you’ll want to make sure they have just as good an experience as you did.

Learn how to use your toys

Like with any new gadget you buy it’s tempting just to rip open the packet and get it started. The trouble is, you need to learn how to use it first. Get to know the settings on your sex toys and read your partner’s body language to gauge just how they like to use it.

Red light says stop

If your partner is subtly pushing the toy away during your love making session, then don’t push it. Learn to read your partner’s body language so that you know when they are in the mood for using toys and when they aren’t.

Start tame, go wild

When you are just starting out using toys, take it slow. Look at the vibrators and penis rings and buy something that is tasteful and still a little cheeky. Don’t scare your partner away by bringing out the big guns right away. Go at a pace that you are both comfortable with.

Toys in the bedroom can really spice things up and enhance even the healthiest sex life. As long as you follow our list of tips and follow our important rules on etiquette, you are sure to find that sex toys will do nothing but enhance the pleasure and enjoyment in the bedroom for both you and your partner.

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