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Published on December 7th, 2011 | by Charlie


Make Your Wife Fall in Love with You All Over Again

It’s gotten to the point where your love-making takes back bench to a range of other responsibilities, including the kids who won’t sleep in their own bed and work that means by the time you have a moment to spare at the end of the day, you pretty much fall straight to sleep. In order to keep the flame alive in any marriage, you have to work at it. From spicing up your bedroom routine with sex toys to dating your wife again, like you did at the very beginning, we’ve got some great tips that will have your special lady looking at you again as if it were the first time:

Dating Your Wife

This doesn’t mean taking her to the same Thai restaurant you always go to on a Friday night. Take her somewhere a little more special. Don’t tell her where, and surprise her with a romantic evening. Organise everything from the babysitting of the kids if necessary to ensuring she has a wonderful night that ends

with the two of you at home, listening to her favourite tunes. Make sure you let her talk, and listen to what she has to say. Show her, that you do really care about what she thinks and feels.

Tell Her How Attractive She Is

If your wife is sleep deprived from looking after little ones, or has a crazy job, she’s probably not really feeling herself most of the time. This can have a big impact on the way she feels about herself. While you probably always used to tell her how gorgeous she was when you first started dating, it’s most likely you do this a lot less these days. Start by leaving her little notes telling her how sexy you think she is. Send her text messages saying how lucky you feel to have her. These little things, will make a big difference to how she feels about herself, and about you too.

Get Creative Between the Sheets

If your wife already enjoys using vibrators and various toys in the bedroom, that’s great. Why not buy a naughty game for couples you can play together on a night in? Order her favourite take away, drink wine and get the game out. She’ll love it!

If you don’t currently use any toys during your intimate sessions, then consider buying some fun things to use to spice things up a bit. Women rarely orgasm from sex alone, so buying her a vibrator or some little bits and pieces to tantalise her senses should have her excited, and begging for more.

It’s easy for every one of us to get comfortable with our partners, and this can often end up in us taking them for granted, without even realising it. The fact is though that reigniting the flame that was once there is relatively easy, if you’re willing to put the time and effort in, into making you woman feel special. Use our suggestions as a starting point and go from there. She’ll be looking at you dough-eyed once again in no time.

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